Who we are

Our mission is to bring together researchers, families and resources to find a cure for SRD5A3.

This initiative began as a personal journey for Vijay Sappani when his daughter Ela was diagnosed with SRD5A3, a rare Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation (CDG). With a background in pharmacy, Vijay knew that Cure SRD5A3 was not going to be a one-man endeavour and he began connecting with other SRD5A3 families.

As the initiative gained momentum, Cure SRD5A3 was born as a community that not only helps families and caregivers learn more about this rare condition, but also as a resource hub for scientific and medical professionals.

Together, we remain committed to driving education and research on this rare disease, until every SRD5A3 child has access to treatment and no child is left behind. Check out our roadmap to success below.

Our Mission

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