SRD5A3-CDG Report

Read the 2021 report on SRD5A3-CDG and the Cure SRD5A3 research program!


The Cure SRD5A3 team has put together a report on SRD5A3-CDG to help educate patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and researchers on this condition and to share the exciting research we have planned for the Cure SRD5A3 program.


In this report you will learn more about:

  • Signs, symptoms and diagnosis
  • How glycosylation is affected in SRD5A3-CDG
  • Research models used to study SRD5A3-CDG and potential therapeutic approaches 
  • Clinical studies and patient registries 
  • The 5 areas of our research program, including an update on our current research and an overview of planned studies


Read or download the report here